O Naturismo é uma forma de viver em harmonia com a Natureza caracterizada pela prática da nudez colectiva, com o propósito de favorecer a auto-estima, o respeito pelos outros e pelo meio ambiente.

domingo, 17 de novembro de 2013

INF Focus - October 2013

Federation Focus
October 2013

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British Naturism and its 10,000 members very much welcome the decision by the Crown Estate to lift the ban on Naturism on their foreshore at Holkham Beach

A delegation of BN officials are meeting with the Crown Estate and other interested parties later this month and we are confident that by following best practice, any remaining problems can be resolved. That part of the beach has been used by naturists for as long as anyone can remember and we are working very hard to ensure it stays that way.

However, BN’s campaigns director, Malcolm Boura, said: “The land above mean high tide is owned by the Holkham Estate and we are asking naturists to respect that the ban still exists on this part of the beach.”

He added: “We are very pleased that Norfolk Constabulary stated in a recent letter to us that they ‘wholeheartedly acknowledge that Naturism is not an offence’."

The news that the ban was to be lifted was warmly welcomed at the British Naturism National Convention last weekend.
The Crown Estate’s reversal of the ban on Naturism on their section of the beach followed a BN campaign. Commercial Sales Manager Andrew Welch said: “This once again emphasises how important it is that the many millions of Britons who enjoy naturism should join their national organisation, which fights to protect and promote the rights of people to enjoy a harmless and entirely legal leisure activity.”

34th INF Congress
Sept. 11-14, 2014
Lough Allen Hotel & Spa
Drumshanbo Co Leitrim


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The INF Celebrates its 60th Anniversary at the CHM Montalivet
Speeches at the INF monumentFrom September 20th to 22nd, the INF celebrated its 60th Anniversary at its birthplace, the Centre Helio Marin de Montalivet in France. Celebrations of the formation of the INF appear to have been held every 20 years as a commemorative plaque was affixed to the INF monument at the CHM Montalivet for the 20th, 40th, and now 60th anniversaries. In addition to speeches by some of the dignitaries in attendance, several of the federations presented the INF with gifts in honour of this momentous event.

The gifts from the federations

Belgium: A collection of delicious Belgian beers from the country that takes pride in craft brewing. Denmark: A charming painting illustrating the pure pleasure of swimming nude.

Germany: A wonderful composition created for the 60th anniversary of the INF and titled "Naturist young family with a child". It is by the talented, young artist and designer, Elke Strauch from Holzwickede/NRW. UK: A lovely cut Crystal with a dedication by the President of BN, Angela Russell.

Italy: A beautifully framed certificate honouring the 60th anniversary of the INF. France: Small signs announcing naturism at Montalivet. Each member of the INF present was given one.

Luxembourg: A portrait of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a wonderful book that provides a portrait of Luxembourg Luxembourg: a beautiful Crystal Swan by Swarovski.

Netherlands: An exquisite set of mugs decorated by artist Alie Kruse-Kolk. Her paintings are in warm, compelling colors in a play of light and shadow, whose atmosphere is reflected in exuberant colors. She paints as she is herself: direct and powerful, always looking for the core of things by simplifying its complexity.

Norway: Naken – naturligvis, Naken – naturligvis, a fascinating book on the 50 anniversary of the birth of the Norwegian Federation with a chronicle of the past 50 years. Portugal: A great illustration by the young architect Barbara Bernardo. It represents the walk and work that all naturists have been made since 1953 with the INF journey from Montalivet (1953) to Montalivet (2013) Also represented is the FPN (Portugal) journey to their best known official naturist beach, Meco Beach, a place where thousands of naturist meet in the summer.

Portugal: A great illustration by the young architect Barbara Bernardo. It represents the walk and work that all naturists have been made since 1953 with the INF journey from Montalivet (1953) to Montalivet (2013)  Also represented is the FPN (Portugal) journey to their best known official naturist beach, Meco Beach, a place where thousands of naturist meet in the summer. Slovenia: A superb and unique watch handmade by the Slovenian artist Polona Kovacic; registered under no. 7754-05\/13.

Sweeden: Geliebtes Schweden – Wunderbare Natur & Gutes Essen, a delightful book that take you through a journey through Sweden including traditional dishes.

Spain: A collection of delicious red wines from the region to Madrid. (no image)

Hungary: A charming painting from the artists’ workshop organized each year by Janos Sandor for sculptors, painters and jewelry designers.

Speech of the President of the INF

Dear friends of naturism,
Today we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the INF. This gives us the opportunity to look at the past. Above all we have the possibility to look ahead of us. Therefore I would like to describe the voyage of INF through the decades also as a cruise. Finally, experiencing naturist cruises over the oceans currently is „in vogue“ for naturists. Historical sites and events would be chosen as excursions on land.
The captain of the ship, in the case of the INF a female captain, always also needs a well working crew, otherwise the cruise ship sooner or later will set on sand. Therefore it is important to say thanks for the past as well as to encourage each other for the present time and the future.
Of course helmsman and sailor men are joining me on the bridge deck. Similar wise we in the INF Committees manage to direct the destinies of INF across all national borders as well as all language barriers. But it also depends on the crew at the front lines of our cruise. For this reason it is important that the national federations give their input for the international work, so that we not only are taken seriously as enthusiastic naturist people, but also be able to give a fresh impetus. As it happens to each cruise, also we at the INF have survived some storms. The most important point: With all these damages we did not have any leaks in our ship, but we remained safe and sound.
Port of departure was Montalivet. That’s why we are now together here, with our French friends of nudity. Here we can be as we want to be. Here we can think over how we can make our naturist movement more vivid and colourful. It has not only been that our predecessors in 1953 thought about what sense an international alliance can make. Already right at the start of the movement the INF Membership card has been a fix element. When today I think about, that on hand of this card INF naturists may get deductions at commercial naturist sites, then for me the question also comes of course, whether this should be the only purpose?
When we want to be guest at associations (also border crossing) the INF licence also opens doors to many naturist club sites. Could the INF Membership today rather be part of a naturist normality, no?
Let’s dare right away to make a long passage over the large ocean to America. There, already in 1958, naturists have had successes in relation to publicity works for the naturist movement. The INF Chronicle mentions: „For nearly 20 years a fight is going on in the USA to be able to publish naturist magazines with non-retouched photographs.” In the present days this also legally run dispute seems to be anachronistic. Countless magazines and even more publicity posters are decorated by men and even more ladies in scarce cloths, respectively in the splendour of Adam and Eve. The attractiveness of these publications appears at such a pronounced level that the naturist magazines nowadays disappear into insignificance. There are no differences between the naturist federations on the American or European continent.
This fact leads to the tasks we, as naturist enthusiasts must face, meanwhile I think that people of the modern times do not need any naturist clubs or naturist federations to undress. They wander to the beaches and riversides to take off swimsuits and bikinis. For them it is no problem to use public space to this. So the questions remains, what can naturist clubs and naturist federations offer in order to keep people tied with them? What in fact is the real benefit of our living movement?
On the other hand we have to think about our own presentation. Many of us still face difficulties with the modern media and the social networks. They are not the solution to anything, yet they seem to be indispensable to get the young and middle generation tied to us. The speed of the social networks, for example, cannot be beaten. There are many naturist events which are arranged short term via Facebook or Doodle. It appears we have a lot to catch up with the regular media, too. The fact that, for example, Internet seems to make printed publications unnecessary, requires our creativity so that we could maybe shake off the image of club magazines. Would it not be a great idea if one day the naturist magazines could also be found in the libraries at railway stations?
Let’s the excursion on the American content take its end at this moment. The cruise ship has set course again to the European continent. In 1962 the INF Congress at Hanover took place with delegations of 16 nations and with about 3000 guests. Incredible, if we imagine that the 60th anniversary at this moment takes place with delegations from 19 nations and 60 guests. State ministers and mayors gave the honour to make their welcome speeches at the INF Congresses. What is this presence looking like today?
Times are changing, and so does the naturist movement. But what has changed that the importance of the INF and the national federations has decreased at such an extend? It is not possible to give clear answers just like that. At Hanover, in 1962, thoughts were made, whether religiosity is an issue for the naturist movement. Word-to-word: “Here the human being, acting out from the religious depth to cope with his life, becomes the model. Naturism is a philosophy of life, which aims to eliminate the unessential, the worthless and the hollow appearance.” It sounds strong that the naturist movement thinks about such kind of contents. When beginning October the 100th recurrence of the meeting of the free youth unions (the German naturist youth group “deutsche fkk-jugend e.V.” also is member of it) will be celebrated at the “Hohen Meißner“ in proximity of Kassel in Germany, there will also be memories of substantive disputes about the youth movement and the life reform, who wanted to protest against the development of time, by a life close to nature and a life in nudity.
In 1962 many federations had to fight about children. In Belgium, in South Africa and in Australia a „Prohibition of naturism on the issue of children“ had to be averted. I simply believe that we will make us more credible if we would return back to the contents again. Then we do not give any opportunities to our opponents to attack us on the prevailing conventions.
The cruise ship is about to move from the North Sea to the British Island. Actually something very special had happened there. In 1970 we offered an opportunity to the cartoonists to go for the naturism as we practise it. An Anglican priest participated at the opening of the 12th World Congress in Orpington (GB). The cartoonists presented the apparent contradiction of a buttoned Anglican priest and the frank naked people in varied ways. During this meeting the reciprocity of the organized and non-organized naturists became very clear.”
Of course the cruise ship did not stop at the British jetty. In 1978, however, it returned to the vicinity of Portsmouth. Here the delegates of the INF world tourism discussed the naturist holidays. „The great mass of unorganized and the small group of organized naturists must coexist and must support each other…” one can read. When today we think about nude hiking, this is becoming obvious. Many clubs sceptically observe this new trendy sport. The naturist everyday life proves that nude hiking is experiencing a strong popularity. That nude hiking also produces positive news in press, whilst not omitting seriousness, turns this trendy sport into an venture to be taken seriously.
From the Atlantic the cruise ship takes its course to the Mediterranean Sea, to find the way to the site of„Costa Natura“, close to Málaga in Spain. There the issue was the „Future of the organized Naturism“. Yes, 30 year ago we had the same question mark in our eyes, just like today. That the clubs and the federations should perceive this task as the mainspring of the naturism, could also be the message of Montalivet today, couldn’t it?
Somehow the number of passengers during the 90ties decreased. The importance of the INF was minimized. Much revolved about money and also about posts. There have always been a lot of human contacts. This has also always been the sympathetic part of it and this will remain so. Human contacts belong to the work in federations, at final end our clubs and federations live from people. Let’s just look how we can maintain the INF cruise ship on course and make the naturist movement more likely to get the majority. I, as captain, am ready for it. But I do need the crew on the bridge deck and at the ports where we stop.
It’s about time that the „old ones“ let go of the rudder and do not stick onto their chairs – the young people are the present and the future – especially in many federations, associations and clubs aging and the earlier or later extinction still is not being perceived as a problem, we should work on this...In this sense „To successful future decades“.

Sieglinde Ivo