O Naturismo é uma forma de viver em harmonia com a Natureza caracterizada pela prática da nudez colectiva, com o propósito de favorecer a auto-estima, o respeito pelos outros e pelo meio ambiente.
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quinta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2013

Photography in naturism environement

Photo credit by SL
Naturists also like to take their own pictures wile they are practicing and living naturist philosophy.

Professional photographers to take their pictures take into account a myriad of details that include angle, light, exposure, background image etc.., they look and seek to the smallest detail.

But most of us are more point and shoot, especially now with digital cameras that aloud us  to delete bad shoots, or where we can take multiple photos and choose one at the end without major concerns .

Naturism photography have the same rules but we must take into account some aspects that require our utmost attention:

  • No third party or photographing children, something that happens easily in the back of our photo scenario, if we do not care to see what its behind what we're shooting;
  • Do not shoot without ´previous authorization;
  • Avoid front exposure and too much exposure of genital areas.;
  • Photos must be taken with naturally and full body, not secretly focusing localized areas.
Photos inside the house should be taken in a natural way, showing the space as it is throughout the year or as a family, instead of the common picture of the mirror that has nothing to do with the experience of naturism.

Outside we apply the same rules, but here the photographer has even more creativity because you can play with shadows, light, nature, etc..

A  perfect naturist picture can be showed to all of our friends and family, it´s a photo where they, get to know or have learned from our nudist practicing, you can show your holidays or weekend, you can show your trip at the beach or the countryside, but your body is preserved and not revealed in their private parts.

Look at this ad where naturism is present in all the images, notice how don´t reviled they body, the naturalness of the action and actors. (note: we are not talking about the advertised product)

Richmond Ham 'As Nature Intended': a Quiet Storm production from Quiet Storm on Vimeo.

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